How to use Google Alerts for Your Brand

Every day, Webmasters all around the globe are trying to build backlinks, optimize their websites, rank them, fill them with content, all in hopes of attracting more visitors and costumers to their websites. I’m not saying that this process is easy. It’s actually very complicated to do it properly. Many factors must be considered and evaluated before anything is done to the website or its baclinks. People are usually mistaken when it comes to backlinks and their quality and just to clear that up, yes, you need them. But, they must be quality links from quality websites or they will just end up destroying your website rank faster than the speed of Google spider. This is where Google Alerts come into play.

google alerts

What is Google Alerts Tool

Google Alerts is a tool for monitoring a large chunk of Internet for something relevant to your interests, as it happens, and delivering those results to your email. Well, not exactly as it happens, its more like: as soon as Google spider picks it up. The applications of this tool are very wide. You can set it up to stay informed of the newest gossip, celebrity leaks, tech news, or almost anything that interests you.

How can Google alerts help me and my Brand

Google Alerts is not omnipotent, but it can provide few things that are very valuable to every Webmaster. It can give you an opportunity to be among the first who comment on blogs or community forums about a certain brand. Or you can keep track of your competitors and their strategies. Either approach to Google Alerts is useful. Are you asking yourself why is this commenting important? It is very simple actually, when you are trying to rank your site on the Google you need baclinks, mentions, and many other things but lets not get carried away. Mentions are citations of your brands name, address, phone number, etc.

How to use Google Alerts

This is very simple process that you begin by going to: Then all you need to do is to select your alert parameters, your keywords and write your email address. Thats it. You will be, from now on, getting emails from Google informing you of every new search result that happen to appear on the Internet which is relevant to your search parameter. Then you can easily use these results to build your brands reputation on blogs and community forums.


For example, if you are the owner of a carpet cleaning company in London, you would want to set up your Google Alerts to inform you whenever somebody asks: “Is (your brand) any good?” or perhaps “Anybody knows where can I get my carpets cleaned?” You get the idea. Not only does this give you an opportunity to promote your business, but it also gives you a chance to get a back-link from a relevant site.

Wit the help of Surrey SEO company they can also set up Google Alerts to inform you about the news in the industry that you are associated with, so that you can be among the first to review the new products, services or technologies. This gives you and your brand a lot of reputation in the eyes of your users and Google. Everything considered, Google Alerts tool is a free way to stay informed and one step ahead of your competitors.


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